Future-proof projects

Our vision of a future-proof project

The essence of our sustainability strategy: We work together to create sustainable, future-proof projects for our clients’ ambitious requirements and the complex legislation for buildings like the EU taxonomy. Find out about our detailed approach to this in the next chapters.

Accelerating the energy transition

Cordeel Group strives to develop new sustainable technologies and services that provide solutions to the challenges and opportunities presented by the energy transition. Our customers can pioneer new approaches to the continuously changing energy landscape, reduce their operational carbon and be at the forefront of sustainable energy.

Embodied carbon

Buildings have a significant impact on global greenhouse gas emissions and play a major role in contributing to climate change. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the building sector accounted for 39% of global CO2 emissions in 2019. Apart from operational carbon emissions, embodied carbon emissions from the production of building materials, construction, and demolition also contribute to the building sector's carbon footprint.

Circular Design

We aim to make our buildings as future-proof as possible: adaptable, designed for disassembly and easy to maintain, with a modular design that extends the building’s life span.


"Transforming the future as the fastest builder by focusing on innovation to create smart, energy-efficient and low-carbon solutions." is Cordeel Group's mission which highlights the importance of innovation for us.

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