Sustainability Report 2022

Welcome to our 2022 sustainability report. We invite you to learn everything there is to know about sustainability at Cordeel Group.

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Sustainable buildings and products

With buildings having an impact on the global CO₂ emissions of 38-40% it’s obvious that we as a construction company have a huge responsibility. We see many opportunities in this challenge by realising low carbon, smart and energy-efficient buildings that are flexible for future purposes.

Sustainable operations

For Cordeel, sustainability starts at home. This is why we not only provide our customers with solutions for the energy transition and sustainable buildings, we also focus on our own operations. We want to be a role model for sustainability in the construction sector and therefore invest substantially into reducing the harm of our operations on the environment.  In this chapter, we report on the performance of our own operations.

Corporate Governance and ethical behaviour

Cordeel is committed to upholding the highest governance principles and strives to consistently enhance corporate governance performance by prioritising transparency and ethical conduct. Given that certain governance topics were identified as the most material in the materiality matrix, we want to highlight the progress we made in 2022 and our objectives for 2023.


Cordeel Group uses GRI as a reference framework to create an all-encompassing report and to make sure the readers of this report find all information they need.
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