Local community engagement

By giving back to communities in need and the environment, we demonstrate our commitment to making a positive impact. We also support local organisations and proactively engage with municipalities and cities. We do this to gain a better understanding of their needs and visions for the future, as we believe this is crucial to fostering mutual respect and positive outcomes for all involved.

Temporary use of to be developed projects

At Cordeel, we believe in maximizing the social impact of every project we develop, even before its completion. We’ve embraced the temporary use of buildings awaiting development and renovation.

One example is the initiative Makelarij in Tongeren, located at the historic Ambiorix site. The unused spaces is transformed into vibrant hubs for cultural events, workshops, and community gatherings, enriching the local fabric. Amongst the tenant is a bakery, a wood worker, artists and many more.

Similarly, at the Collegesite in Tienen, we’ve collaborated with a bar staffed by individuals with disabilities, providing them with meaningful employment opportunities while fostering inclusivity within the community.

These endeavors not only contribute to the revitalization of spaces but also exemplify our dedication to giving back and creating a positive social impact.

SDG - 8: Decent work and economic growth
SDG - 10: Reduced inequalities

De Warmste Week – a childhood free from worries

In 2023 we participated again in ‘De Warmste Week’. It is an annual solidarity campaign organised by VRT, the Belgian national public-service broadcaster, in the week leading up to Christmas.

Throughout the month of December, we organised the Cordeel Steps Challenge. Participants were challenged to take a minimum of 7,500 steps per day for 20 consecutive days. 167 colleagues embraced the challenge, for each participant we gave 15 euros to ‘De Warmste Week’.


Additionally, we organized a charity raffle: All corporate gifts received within Cordeel Group were collected and raffled off. Colleagues participated by purchasing tickets, and the proceeds from the raffle culminated in a contribution of 3325 euros.


In total, we were able to collect 5830 euros with these two initiatives, dedicated to backing projects that strive to create safer spaces for children and young individuals.

SDG - 10: Reduced inequalities

Partnership East Flanders Regional Fund

The East Flanders Regional Fund (Streekfonds Oost-Vlaanderen) strengthens local projects that connect people with each other and with their environment. They bring together donors and doers in an inspiring and active network, realizing concrete impact in their neighborhoods.

Since 2020, Cordeel is a sponsor of the regional network of Waasland, the region where the headquarter is located.

Local initiatives, big and small, bring people and resources together to roll up their sleeves for people and the environment.



Through a crowdfunding campaign facilitated by the East Flanders Regional Fund, the selected initiatives raise a working budget for a specific project.

Thanks to the financial support of sponsors and partners like Cordeel, the Regional Fund can double the amount raised, up to a maximum of 6,000 euros.

The King Baudouin Foundation oversees the procedure and guarantees transparency.

Decarbonising events

Just like construction sites, festivals and major events are often organised at remote location. The organisers are also faced with limited or no power supply, which causes the usage of fuel-powered diesel generators that cause noise pollution and CO2.

C-battery has supported several events in 2023 by providing them with their mobile battery containers. In his way, we help decarbonising not only the construction industry, but also events.


Festivel vzw organizes a warm festival annually in the first week after Easter in Temse, with and for everyone, with all proceeds going to various charities. They are convinced that that a great festival should not come at the expense of our planet. We supported them with a mobile battery container to decrease the CO2-emissions.


The STROOM Festival originates in the Scheldt Valley. The entire festival highlights nature and climate, through the choice of concert locations in the Scheldt Valley, but also in the artistic program. This way, the audience is sensitized to current climate issues in an accessible way.

The climate-neutral boat, The Freewheeler, will dock at different locations during the festival for a Riverside Concerts. Additionally, discussions and walks are hosted.

C-battery & C-rental contributed their share with delivering a mobile battery container for off-grid power supply for the STROOMboat.

Furthermore, our HQ in Temse was a location for a riverside concert as well as for a discussion called “Do we ever drink from the Scheldt again”, diving into the water quality of the river.


SDG - 7: Affordable and clean energy
SDG - 13: Climate action