Sustainability strategy

We have taken a proactive approach to sustainability, integrating it into our core values and long-term strategy.

Taking our responsibility

Our vision is to become the happiest company to work for and with, while our mission is to transform the future as the fastest builder by focusing on innovation to create smart, energy-efficient and low-carbon solutions.

These ideals serve as the bedrock for our sustainability strategy, which is not a distinct strategy but rather integrated into our core operations.

At Cordeel, we build homes, workplaces, and shared spaces where people can be happy. But we do much more than that.

As one of the largest construction companies in Belgium, we recognize our responsibility towards the environment and local communities.

Our aim is to balancing our company’s objectives with our impact on society and the environment. Through our buildings, products, and services, we aim to contribute to a better, more sustainable world.

Our sustainability strategy is built upon four pillars, each containing specific focus areas linked to programs and actions.

The sustainability matters identified as “material” in our double materiality analysis are the base for this strategy.

Future-proof projects

How we are future-proofing our customers' projects

Embodied carbon| Circular Design | Energy Transition | Innovation

Sustainable operations

How we measure and reduce our own impact

GHG emissions | Waste | Water | Digital Construction | Biodiversity

Our people

The happiest company to work for

Safety | Health & Well-being | Attract & retain talent

Impact on society

How we interact and collaborate with society

Governance | Local communities | Soil remediation | Sharing knowledge

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