Key targets & progress

To make our mission of  “transforming the future as the fastest builder by focusing on innovation to create smart, energy-efficient and low-carbon solutions” more tangible, we defined a number of concrete targets to follow up.

GHG emission reduction targets

Materiality: own carbon emissions, embodied carbon, accelerating the energy transition

Reporting year Measure Status
2023 100% green electricity for all locations Starting from 01/2024 90% of Belgian locations
Report on scope 1 & 2 of complete Cordeel group All companies in BE, NL, HUN & BG. Except of Technocon, C-EVH, Off Site Belgium, ForGrowth, Flywel & NLT Pivaco --> 93.4% of revenue covered
Report on the three most material scope 3 emissions Purchased goods category of companies representing 83% of revenue
2024 Receive certification for CO2-prestatieladder level 5
EPD of most common precast concrete mix
2025 Report on scope 1-3 of complete Cordeel group
2026 100% of passenger cars are electric
2027 CO2-neutrality scope 1 & 2 with reduction of at least 75% (compared with base year 2021) 2023: - 31.8% intensity based, -895.3 tons absolute
2030 Precast elements: 50% reduction in CO₂-eq emissions compared to 1990 emissions in the Flemish Region (Vlaams Betonakkoord)