Highlighting our approach for the digital transformation.

Digital construction

BIM (Building Information Model) is an essential component of the digital transformation we (and our sector) are going through. The main objective of a BIM process is to enhance collaboration by setting up a central platform that serves as a single source of truth/information. Working with BIM has many advantages: 

  • It is the perfect foundation for material passports, with info on amongst others recyclability and circularity;
  • It can help to set up predictive maintenance schemes, improving material and building longevity.

Our digital transformation focuses on creating data and data flows rather than individual drawings, documents and models. This prepares our organisation for the future. 

The first step we are taking towards standardisation and uniformity is setting up a central platform, where all project-related information will be stored together. 

To facilitate this, the construction site is equipped with a smart board, eliminating the need for printed plans during meetings with constructors. This is not only good for the environment but also convenient for planning changes. Additionally, construction sites are equipped with QR codes, allowing employees to access plans and documents whenever necessary on their phone/tablet.

SDG - 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Digital HR

Our HR service centre strives to maximise digitisation by leveraging providers such as Officient to enable employees to perform administrative tasks like requesting holidays and reviewing documents online. In 2023, we will introduce a digital learning management system to enhance employee development.

Furthermore, we are using DocuSign to finalise agreements for all entities within the Cordeel Group. This tool eliminates the need for printing, signing and rescanning documents, enabling us to process agreements completely digitally. By using DocuSign, we can save a significant amount of paper savings and finalise agreements faster and more efficiently.