Our people

Attract & retain talent

Attracting and retaining talent is critical for Cordeel because it helps to build a strong and capable workforce that is essential for meeting the challenges of today's business environment and achieving long-term success.


Cordeel is a truly international company with 1,923 employees from 43 different nationalities. We continue working to increase our diversity, through ensuring diversity of gender, age, origin, education and disabilities.

Personal development

We invest in our people by offering training, on-the-job learning tracks and personal development plans to keep our employees on top of their game, motivated and engaged

Employee engagement

Our vision is to become "The happiest company to work for/with". We regularly monitor the satisfaction of our employees and improve on matters highlighted by them.


Accidents can happen quickly, especially in the construction industry. To prevent harm, safety is our first priority. We provide ongoing training to our staff, prioritise programmes aimed at enhancing safety awareness and behaviour, conduct regular workplace inspections and carefully select subcontractors who prioritise safety in their work.

Health & well-being

Our investment in our employees' health and well-being is a long-term strategy to ensure the sustainability of our business and differentiate ourselves as “The happiest company to work for”.
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