Personal development

We invest in our people by offering training, on-the-job learning tracks and personal development plans to keep our employees on top of their game, motivated and engaged

C-academy – talent development

Launched in 2022, the C-academy is a specialised training platform facilitating internal and external training for employees at all levels with the aim of promoting lifelong learning and fostering the growth of our workforce’s talents.

In 2024, we plan to take our commitment to lifelong learning to the next level by implementing a new learning management system and having a dedicated team whose role it is to make sure that our employees can participate in the training to help them advance in their careers.

SDG - 4: Quality education
SDG - 8: Decent work and economic growth

Talent development

“Be better every day” is one of our values we’re acting upon with high priority. Talent Development is one of the key levers to live up to this value.

In 2023 we were able to report on these KPI’s for almost all entities of the group.

While the number of total training hours increased, the average number of training hours per employee decreased.

This is linked to adding more entities and countries to the scope of reporting.

When comparing the 2022 and 2023 KPI’s for the same scope (majority of Belgian entities), we end up at the same result as last year: 11.4 h/ employee.


Average number of training hours per person in own workforce


of our FTEs participated in external professional development opportunities
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Training hours

In this overview we show the sum of internal and external training hours, split per gender and employment type.

*scope: all Belgian entities (except of C-EVH, C-guard, Sobeltec, Technocon), all entities in the Netherlands and Bulgaria –> coverage: 94.6% of total employees


Number of hours Average training hours
Male employees 16,838.25 10.2
Female employees 1,997.5 7.5
Blue collar employees 7,206 8.0
White collar employees 11,583.75 11.6
Grand total training hours 18,579.75 9.7

Career development

At Cordeel, there are continuous – more informal – feedback moments throughout the year.

It’s also our ambition that all employees receive one formal performance review annually.

In 2023 we changed from evaluations written on paper to a digital format. 63% of employees* received a formal annual performance review.


SDG - 8: Decent work and economic growth
SDG - 4: Quality education

For 2024 we slightly adapted the process to increase the user experience. We expect that this will lead to an increased percentage of formal evaluations.

We also prefer internal promotions over new hires, so before publishing new vacancies, we always check whether there’s a good fit within our own organisation.

*scope: most Belgian entities (1465 employees) –> coverage: 76.2% of total employees