Employee engagement

Our vision is to become "The happiest company to work for/with". We regularly monitor the satisfaction of our employees and improve on matters highlighted by them.

Satisfied and engaged employees

We use the employee net promoter score (eNPS) to evaluate the satisfaction of our colleagues.

Employees rate their satisfaction on a score from 0 – 10.  Results with the score of 9 & 10 are considered as the most satisfied and engaged employees, also called “promoters”.

In 2022 we used the employee satisfaction survey to determine the score, while in 2023 we included this question in the evaluation process. This score comprises the Belgian entities of the Cordeel Group.

We attribute the clear progress to our efforts taken in the previous year, based on the feedback of the 2022 satisfaction survey.



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Key numbers survey 2022

The satisfaction survey was distributed in 2022 to 1,543 employees located in Belgium, with 701 employees completing it, resulting in a response rate of 45%.

All business units participated, and both blue and white-collar workers completed the survey.


feels proud to work for Cordeel


knows the values, mission and vision of Cordeel Group


feels connected to the organisation


thinks their work offers sufficient opportunities for independent thinking and action


enjoys doing their job


feels they are making a clear contribution to the company result


thinks they have a good work-life balance


thinks there’s an open working climate at Cordeel Group

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