Word from Filip Cordeel (CEO)

In this section, we can learn directly from our CEO, Filip Cordeel, about our sustainability journey, the impact it has had on our business, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

What are the benefits of sustainability and innovation for our company?

Sustainability and innovation are crucial for us because they not only keep our company competitive but also responsible.

By innovating, we stay ahead in the industry, while sustainability ensures that we do this in an ethical and environmentally conscious manner. Integrating these principles into all our projects and decisions enables us to have a positive impact on both our communities and the planet.

Have you seen any recent changes in our customers’ demands regarding sustainability?

Yes, absolutely. We notice that customers increasingly inquire about the sustainability of their investments. This is partly driven by new regulations, such as the EU taxonomy, but also by a growing societal awareness.

Our projects such as the renovations in Brussels and initiatives in Amsterdam reflect this shift.

Customers are asking more about the origin of materials, the energy efficiency of buildings, and the overall carbon footprint.


Recently, we started our business with industrial hemp. How do you see this evolving?

Industrial hemp has a lot of potential, especially as a sustainable building material and cleaning soils. I see it as an important part of our strategy to integrate bio-based materials into our offerings.

It aligns with our commitment to sustainability and innovation, and I expect to see these materials increasingly used in both new and renovated buildings.”

What are you most looking forward to regarding our initiatives in innovation and sustainable business practices?

I am particularly excited about how we can integrate new technologies and approaches into our processes.

The development of our new service center C2F1-License to Accelerate and the C-flow system are good examples of this. These innovations not only enable us to work more efficiently but also to reduce our environmental impact and provide better solutions to our customers.


Your son Ghislain is part of this new service center as well, right?

Yes, Ghislain joined the company at the end of 2023. Meanwhile, my daughter AurĂ©lie is attracting the best talents and realizing our vision of becoming ‘the happiest company to work for/with.’

It’s great to see both Ghislain and AurĂ©lie, representing the fourth generation of our family within the company, making a meaningful impact.

We want to continue creating a healthy business that guarantees continuity and stability for its employees and business partners.

Becoming the fastest builders is our mission. Which steps have we taken recently?

Our mission to become the fastest builders is ambitious, but we are making significant progress.

The opening of the new service center, the development of C-flow, and our focus on precast construction and vertical integration are all steps we have taken to achieve this mission.

By streamlining and making processes more efficient, we can build faster without compromising on quality or sustainability.

What is our biggest challenge today?

Over the past years we launched several innovative products that are able to solve a lot of today’s problems. We have PFAS-free fire extinguishers, Energy and Heat as a Service offerings as well as our bio-based products and the Earth+ platform.

I recently attended the “Change Now” conference in Paris and saw the excitement of potential customers in these products.

Speaking in terms of our values, the challenge is “focus to accelerate“: to produce these products at scale so that we can not only use them in our own buildings, but sell them to everyone who is interested in them.

Currently, we’re choosing the most competent partners that can help us reaching this goal.