Key targets

To make our mission of  “transforming the future as the fastest builder by focusing on innovation to create smart, energy-efficient and low-carbon solutions” more tangible, we defined a number of concrete, shorter-term targets to follow up. In this way, we try to be as transparent as possible in our efforts and impact and will report on these ongoing actions in the next reports.

Circular buildings

materiality: modular & circular principles, innovation, carbon emissions

Goal Deadline
Ambition: No demolition without urban mining of materials 2023
Bio-based materials - Conduct research where bio-based materials can be best applied, striving to commit to a target in our next report 2023
Reuse of materials - Conduct research where and how reused materials can be best applied, striving to commit to a target in our next report 2023
Every building with a BIM model has a material passport 2024


materiality: carbon emissions

Goal Deadline
100% green electricity for all locations 2023
Roll-out mobile battery containers on construction sites 2023
Report on scope 1 & 2 of complete Cordeel group (reporting year 2023) 2023
Report on the three most material scope 3 emissions (reporting year 2023) 2023
Ambition: Receive certification for CO2-prestatieladder level 5 2024
Report on scope 1-3 of complete Cordeel group (reporting year 2025) 2025
Ambition: CO2-neutrality scope 1 & 2 with reduction of at least 75% (compared with base year 2022) 2027
Ambition: Decrease the CO2 emissions of prefab concrete with 50% (compared to base year 2018) 2030


Materiality: water consumption

Goal Deadline
Monitor group-wide ground-water withdrawal and consumption of water on construction sites 2023
0% of pumped water from construction pits discharged into the sewer. Focus on reuse of water (return drainage or making it available for agriculture or citizens) 2026


materiality: waste reduction

Goal Deadline
Increase our insights in the final processing of waste 2023
Increase the share of waste being reused or recycled by 10% 2023
Ambition: Zero-waste-production of production companies 2026

Land-use of our developments & biodiversity

Goal Deadline
Started measuring the land-use of own developments: three projects started with a surface of 3,420 m² (footprint of buildings + outdoor pavings) 2022
Continue measuring our land-use and conduct research to find an approach to land-use and biodiversity protection/restoration, striving to commit to a target in our next report 2023


materiality: ethical behaviour, anti-bribery, human rights in supply chain

Zero ethical breaches


materiality: health & safety

Zero lost-time incidents