Corporate Governance

In the past years, the Cordeel Group has grown rapidly: new companies were set up and acquired, and new divisions were established. We professionalised our organisation to be ready for further growth. In the second half of 2022, we started updating our corporate governance, in order to clarify roles and responsibilities.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis and is responsible for the long-term value creation of the group. They monitor the performance and the progress of the strategy they defined and steer where necessary.

Annually, the Board Of Directors receives updates on the implementation progress of our sustainability strategy. They review and endorse the set targets and provide feedback on our strategy. Two members of the Board of Directors are also part of the Sustainability Committee, highlighting the importance of this topic for our Group.

The board members qualify for their function due to expertise and in-depth knowledge in the construction and real estate sectors, finance and legal.

SDG - 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

The members of the Board of Directors are:

  • Filip Cordeel – CEO Cordeel Group (M)
  • Dirk Cordeel – Director (M)
  • Aurélie Cordeel – Strategic Change Manager (F)
  • Erik De Bruyn – CEO Cordeel Nederland (M)
  • Hilde Vangilbergen* – CFO (F)
  • Laurence Gacoin** – CEO C-energy and C-innovation (F)

* Hilde Vangilbergen (permanent representative of Tsundoku Ventures)

** Laurence Gacoin (permanent representative of Nova LaGa)

Gender diversity in the board

  •  Men
  •  Women

Corporate governance charter

The aim of the upcoming corporate governance charter is to establish greater uniformity across all 100% controlled companies. This includes aligning the appointment period and member election process.

The charter will  define clear boundaries for autonomy and responsibility, and require adherence to the four-eye principle for matters beyond the predefined limits (reserved matters). In addition, the new corporate governance regime will ensure that all signatures are placed with full knowledge of the facts.

The rollout of the new corporate governance regime has already started. The final corporate governance charter will follow in 2023.